Microsoft Partners with China’s BesTV to develop a new gaming console


Microsoft has formed a joint venture with Shanghai-based IPTV operator BesTV to “develop a new gaming console and streaming device for China.

The latest news is further proof that the Chinese government is considering ending its 13-year ban on the sale of game consoles in the country.Console makers will be allowed to operate in the country on the condition that their hardware and products are manufactured in the country.

By joining up with BesTV, Microsoft is fulfilling that exact condition, which is a strong hint that the Xbox 360 or Xbox One could soon make an appearance in the country — a huge market that

The ban was set up in 2000 due to concerns about the content of international games, and the possible effect that violent titles could have on young children.

The new venture, E-Home Entertainment Development, will be 51 percent owned by BesTV and 49 percent owned by Microsoft. The total investment in the joint venture is $237 million.

In addition to gaming content, E-Home will likely offer media-streaming functionality. BesTV holds many Chinese TV rights and could offer that content through its partnership with Microsoft.

No specific details were revealed for the plans the two companies have, nor any possible timeline.

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