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Startup G1obals Makes Relocating to Germany Easier

With more than 200 million people worldwide living outside their home country, global mobility has certainly leapt to new bounds over the past few years.

Today, Companies are hiring people from foreign countries or agree the expatriation of already hired workforce.

For many people who have not been through a long distance relocation, the process can be daunting.

In addition to having to deal with all of the logistical details and potentially stressful situations, you are facing the uncertainty of a new environment not to mention a foreign country’s bureaucracy.

According to research, up to 20%* of assignments fail due to missing services and social connections.

It’s for this reason, G1obals decided to make relocation easier.

Located in Berlin, Germany, G1OBALS offers pre-selected services providers (“solutioners”) online for the clients own choice, e.g. trust rated language schools, English speaking real estate agents etc.

This saves time and money charged in consultancy and provides a higher level of service in personalization and customization to expats.

To make it even more hassle free, Expat organisation and community G1obals has published an infographic with the information you’ll need to help make your move to Germany.



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