The Top 5 Multiplayer Games for Android


Video games are extremely popular among computer users. They not only provide hours of entertainment but, due to the development of technology, they can help in learning and networking through complex gameplay. The advent of the internet has resulted in the introduction of online gaming. Multiplayer gaming is a form of online gaming where different players from various parts of the world engage in friendly matches. In recent times, multiplayer gaming has evolved along with the Android marketplace. Mobile and tablet users are now able to download and play multiplayer games in groups of four or more.

Leviathan Warships

Fans of strategy games are bound to become addicted to Leviathan Warships. The game not only delivers advanced quality graphics but it even provides players with the option to modify their ship thanks to the introduction of a complex editor system. There are glitches in the game, especially in terms of game controls but it provides countless hours of fun when players battle against other human opponents. The multiplayer nature of the game means that a minimum of four players are required to run the game and this effectively eliminates the hassle of having to deal with pesky AI. The game happens to be a combination of RTS and slow turn-based strategy.

Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat, as the name suggests, is a mobile game dealing with military bases, wild jungles and fierce battles. The multiplayer game allows users to play against four or more players and is laden with animated vibrant graphics. The music is incredibly fun and captures the spirit of the jungle. Prizes are available if the score of the player is high enough.

Spell Tower

Users who are addicted to word games should check out SpellTower, a great word game developed by Zach Gage. The mechanics of the game are extremely simple, making it easy to understand for smartphone users. The game boasts of a pleasant soundtrack as well as beautifully rendered artwork. Mobile gamers should consider this game to be a must-buy since it not only expands their vocabulary through an innovative multiplayer system but features tough riddles and brainteasers. One can easily pick out mobile coupons to get a good deal on a new device to enjoy this game with friends.

4 Player Reactor

In order to play this game, a minimum of four players is needed. The basic rules of the game are simple – the player has to challenge four friends to a quick, smooth reaction multiplayer game through a single device. The game is perfect if the player wants to test his/her reflexes, knowledge level as well as common sense. The game will prove to be enjoyable even in a family setting. There are 28 separate kinds of mini-games found within the main game in 12 individual languages. The difficulty setting of the game can be adjusted from easy to insane. The adaptive multiplayer system makes it tougher for the front-runner of the game to raise their lead.

Monster Shooter 2

Developed by Gamelion Studios, Monster Shooter 2 is a multiplayer game that pits the player against other monster in a bid to determine who earns the title of boss monster. The game has cartoon violence and its multiplayer mode allows 4 players to play increasing the fun factor. The graphics are incredible and there are several levels. The soundtrack of the game is worth a listen.

Multiplayer games involve dealing with real people instead of computer AI and so, this option is more competitive and realistic route.

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Written by Sunil Khale

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