Android gets anti-snoop messaging software


Start-up Wickr has reportedly unveiled its anti-snoop messaging software for Android-powered smartphones and tablets, after releasing it for Apple devices last year.

Wickr co-founder Robert Statica said that the company not only offers the most secure form of correspondence but also helps protect users’ contacts as they anonymise this information before it leaves the senders phone.

He further said that the Wickr does not collect any personally identifiable information on users nor can they read any messages or contents sent through Wickr, therefore, no criminal or rogue government can take them from them, News24 reports.

Wickr has not released details on numbers of users, but reported seeing “exponential growth” since releasing a free version for Apple mobile devices in June of last year.

The free version of Wickr that debuted on Monday was tailored for devices running on Google’s Android mobile platform that dominates the smartphone market.

Wickr was fielded as a more secure option to messaging platforms at online venues such as Skype, Facebook, SnapChat.

This comes amidst the growing debate about privacy and national security sparked by the revelations of Edward Snowden who declassified the US government’s alleged snoop-op, in which users’ web and phone data were intercepted for government consumption.

Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are among Internet firms pushing for permission to disclose more details to users about demands for data made in the name of fighting terrorism or other threats.

Technology titans have been eager to bolster the trust of its users by making it clearer what has actually been demanded by and disclosed to US authorities.

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Written by Regina Timothy

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