How to Improve Your Website in a Weekend

You may have a website that has been neglected over the last few months. You might think that you need to pay for a complete redesign to fix this, overhauling the entire design to come up with something fresh and more effective. The good news is, you might be able to improve your entire website over the course of a weekend. While you may eventually have to create a new site, the following tips will make a dramatic difference — and save you some money in the process.


Web design Nottingham: Improve your entire site in just a few days

A successful website can work wonders. Warren Nash, a former Nottingham Trent University student, created a website and online channel known as FitBrits. He has gone on to win awards, and his work has been recognised nationally and internationally in publications such as Forbes Magazine and Fabulous Food Magazine. In order to achieve this kind of success, your website must be up to date.

Work on Your Navigation

The first place to start is by focusing on your menu and making it more user-friendly. Many older websites have menus that are filled with headings and subheadings. Your aim should be to tidy up the navigation of the menu, reducing the number of drop-down menus to create a simpler site that is more focused on what the user needs. By making the menu more streamlined, your visitors are less likely to get lost and can enjoy their experience as they confidently move around your website with ease. 

Go Through All Your Calls to Action

When was the last time you evaluated the effectiveness of your calls to action? Is anyone actually bothering to click on them? You should go through the site and check that they all work — and that each call to action is placed on a page that leads to another page which is connected in a fluid way.

Make your mission to have one primary call to action on each page. You can have a secondary call to action, too, but make sure that the primary one is designed so that it gets the main attention. You can add all sorts of CTAs to your site. Ideas for CTAs include:

  • Watching your video marketing
  • Reading a post on your blog
  • Downloading a free e-book
  • Downloading an information pack
  • Signing up to your newsletter

Remove All the Distractions

If your site was designed over a year ago, it probably has all sorts of features that are now known to be bad for business. You need to spend some time deleting pages that are poor in quality, unoriginal, or simply not relevant. Delete any pages that have been added simply to bulk up the website. In addition to the poor-quality content, you need to remove pop-up boxes and splash pages — and never have music that starts up as soon as a visitor arrives on your site.

You always have to put the experience of each visitor in the forefront of your mind when you are making improvements or adding content to your website. When in doubt, it’s always worth seeking out advice from an expert in web design Nottingham. By doing so, you will have enough information at hand to design a website that really makes an impact.

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