Top Chat Apps Of The Week

Mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices send up to thirty seven billion messages a day across the globe. Only less than half of these messages pass through the SMS service, with the rest of the messages sent pass through mobile chat apps. The scale of sending messages is predicted to rise over the future. More mobile phones and portable devices that can support chat applications have become accessible to the consumer.

People are turning to Chat Apps

More people are turning to over-the-top chat apps because they are cheap and most of them support thread. In the US, for example, service providers charge the consumer up to 25 cents per short message if they subscribe to the messaging bundle. Applications are cheaper in that they are cheap and the messages send can be up to unlimited.

Here are the top Chat Apps of the Week




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This mobile application sends instant chat messaged between two people who have installed the application in their phone. The app can only be installed in smartphones (windows, android, Symbian etc.). Other than sending written messages, the app can also send pictures and audio messages such as songs. Recently Zinzzchat has claimed to have more daily clients than twitter.



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Skype is the service that supports the free skype-to-skype messages. Other than Skype messages, the app also supports voice over internet protocol (VolP) and video calls. The app can be downloaded on any android, Blackberry, iOS or windows devices. Skype can also be used by desktops


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The blackberry messenger service is a blackberry trademark that is as old as ten years. This service is only available to blackberry devices and uses blackberry internet service (RIM) to deliver messages to blackberry devices only. Being available on blackberry only makes it short on market.

Chat On



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This is a mobile chat app for Samsung phones. However, it can work on other smartphones as well. In 2012, Samsung released other versions of the app that can be installed in blackberry, other android devices, and iPhone and windows phones. For two people to chat on different platforms they have to use the chat on app.




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The iMessage app is a chat application available for apple phones and devices. It allows iPhones, iPads and iPods to communicate with each other through a data connection. If the message cannot be delivered by the push service, it will be send via text message instead.

Google talk, Google + Messenger and Google voice



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Google Corporation has three chat applications available at Google play. The three services work on android portable devices as well as dedicated iPhones. Google voice is used for calling purposes as well as messaging.

Facebook Messenger



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Facebook has recently upgraded this app to include chat heads. Facebook (the social site) was ranked as one of the top social site in 2012. It is aiming to make this chat app one of the most used app by users worldwide. It is available for all the available smartphones: android, windows, blackberry and iPhone. The app can also be installed in tablets and personal computers.

Other chat applications that have featured over the past week are viber and kiks. Although viber has experienced technical hitches over the past few days.

[author] Written by Ping Jen. He has a passion for driving improvements into Apps that help advertisers optimize their campaigns.[/author]

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