Many small and medium sized businesses are failing to benefit from cloud computing. In the past all software and files would be downloaded and stored on your own hard drive. These days you can free up your computer by using cloud computing. It’s had a slow start but now the benefits have ensured that cloud computing is here to stay. Are you taking advantage of the new technology or are you behind the crowd?


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A Flexible Way to Manage Your Systems

Bandwidth limitations can cause huge problems for small businesses. Cloud computing provides an instant solution if you are running out of bandwidth, and it’s available instantly. You can quickly have your demands met and receive a much bigger capacity with very little effort or outlay.

The other clear advantage of using the cloud is the added security it provides you. When you use the cloud you always have a copy of the data, for as long as you need it, even if you delete the original file from your PC. It’s a great way of backing up data without taking up any space or making a physical copy. If you were to have problems with a broken PC or corrupt hard drive you won’t have lost all your information. Simply login to the secure server and you’ll have full access to any of the files you have stored on the cloud.

Brilliant for Collaborative Projects

Collaboration is one area of business that has seriously benefited from cloud technology. It is now easy for whole teams and even clients to work on the same files and projects at the same time, in real time! Regardless of where you are all located, you can all be given access to the required data and work on it using laptops, tablets, mobile phones and desk tops.

Work Anywhere You Want

Have you ever left work and arrived at home only to discover you left an important file on your desk? When you use cloud computing this problem will never happen again provided you can get online. Store your files in the cloud and access them with your home PC or any other device, any time you want. This certainly has its advantages for you and for your employees too.

You can also forget about sending documents via email and downloading them countless time as alterations are made. When you use the cloud there is simply no need whatsoever to send files in emails. You provide a login for any individual you would like to gain access to the files and they will be able to login and discover the files they need. You can restrict what is seen, access and who is able to make alterations, and have complete control.

Interested? Seek Advice

There are all sorts of excellent programs and services out there that now use cloud computing technology. It’s used for project management tools, office documents, accounting, and customer services and in many more areas too. If you are interested in venturing into this new efficient world, contact Cygnus-sys for assistance.

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