Flowton Technologies: Gesture and Voice Control of Your Home Made possible


Thanks to Canadian-based startup Flowton Technologies, it is now possible to control your home digitally with your voice and hand gestures.

All this has been made possible by Flowton Controller – the First true Natual Interface ( NI) Controller with which you can control any TV, lights,  thermostat, etc. with your own body gestures and voice too smartly.

Flowton unit is a device built for advanced Human Computer Interaction HCI).

It allows you to use your body as a universal controller for all your electronics. The software inside works by capturing image and sound from its environment, and converts this raw data into commands that you may use to control anything from your TV, DVD, to thermostat, lights and more.

The device works with voice and gesture recognition technology which can execute different types of works at that instant. The Natural Interface allows your natural body to execute commands. The Flowton is built with 2 microphones and one RGB Camera. Once you perform any gesture or sound it captures the image or sound and converts into command.

From here you can control your television volume, switch channels, or select other connected devices, such as window blinds, and many others. For example, you may call out a voice command – like “Kitchen lights ON”, and the computer responds, swiftly performing the action you want it to – illuminating your way before you ever left your comfortable seat.

The specifications for this device include 1.7 GHz processor, A9 Quad Core, Mali-400 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 640×480 VGA RGB camera @ 60 fps, 2 microphones, 8GB of flash storage, WiFi 802.11+Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Ubuntu OS

Already, the project has raised $8,807 on its Kickstarter page. If you would like to be a part of this awesome product, please visit their KickStarter page and donate. You can back this project from $1 minimum.

To Learn more about the technology, take a look at the brief video below.

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Written by Regina Timothy

Editor of TechNews Report. Loves all things technology

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