Facebook tests LinkedIn-style ‘professional skills’ section


According to reports, Facebook is currently testing a new ‘professional skills’ tab on its work section. Dubbed “Professional Skills”, the new tab will allow users to list out their professional skill sets just like LinkedIn does.

The professional skills will be added to the work and education section of users’ timeline in a move that will help ‘group’ people of specific interests like LinkedIn does.

Clicking on a person’s professional skill will take you to other professionals who claim to possess the same skill. Additionally, the new professional skills tab will only allow you to add skills that have existing Facebook pages. This can be confusing as a quick search shows that skills such as “marketing” have several different pages created by the community

Facebook has not announced a launch date for this feature, nor has any information on a beta program been released, but we expect some kind of announcement soon. With Facebook adding job-search features and other professional-style searches, users may want to rethink the content they post on their walls.

This testing comes at the same time as it is revealed that Facebook has unveiled a new tool for ‘surfacing’ public conversations, distilling the number of posts mentioning a specific word over a period of time down to a demographic breakdown.

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Written by Regina Timothy

Editor of TechNews Report. Loves all things technology

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