Why Mobile Marketing Is Becoming The Most Important Marketing Technique


For every technological advancement, there is a marketing advancement. If you think back to the invention of press, paper ads were extremely important. Then, with the invention of the internet, the importance of internet marketing and email marketing became very important. The newest and most improved source of news and entertainment are the most critical locations to put an advertisement. Now that we have reached an age of smartphones, mobile advertising is fundamental to any marketing campaign. Mobile marketing companies know that more and more people are turning to their cell phones to find local businesses, check product prices, and look up information. If this isn’t enough reason to think that mobile advertising is vital to marketing success, then below are a few more advancements that revolve directly around mobile advertising.

Google works persistently to ensure that their data is accessible from a laptop and from a smartphone. Google Places is now integrated so if you perform a search on your phone, you are more likely to locate a store that is near your location. They have integrated the different Google services so once you find a place in search, you can switch right over to maps and get directions on how to get there.

Google has also implemented mobile pay-per-click ads. This means that when you perform a Google search on your phone, you are shown organic results and a paid result, which has a strong chance of directing you to the information or website you are looking for. The pay-per-click advertisements aren’t as numerous as they are on a laptop search, but they still are efficient in finding relevant advertisements for many keyword searches.

Many websites, including large news, sports, and corporate stores, are creating websites specifically designed for mobile users to improve customer experience. The improved experience helps these businesses to continue to attract customers to their site and, hopefully, eventually to their store. Beyond just the change of website, they also create apps and notifications to keep customers in the loop on what the latest trends, sales, and themes are. All this is designed specifically for mobile customers, who receive up-to-the-minute notifications right from their pocket.

The rise of powerful mobile marketing companies like Hipcricket are making it easier to create and manage successful marketing campaigns.  Tracking your campaign in the mobile world can be difficult, but the growing technologies that are being developed to track mobile advertising are showing that they make a big difference.

With these advancements, older forms of advertising, like in newspapers, are becoming less and less reliable for bringing in new customers. The digital era – more specifically the mobile digital era – allows customers to search, view, and compares products and locations online from anywhere. With more and more customers doing cost comparisons in store and market research while away from home, you’ll want to be sure your marketing plan is getting to them. If you want to drive leads in an effective way, then mobile marketing must be included in your plan to reach out to customers.

[author]Peter Wickman is an internet marketer with interests in corporate advertising.[/author]

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