BlackBerry Messenger for Android video surfaces online


Although BlackBerry has not revealed any specific dates for the roll out of BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android platforms, leaks related to the popular messaging service are already surfacing online.

We got our first taste of BlackBerry Messenger for Android a little over a month ago when a landing page dedicated to BBM surfaced on the official site of the company claimed that the BBM service had arrived for both, Android and Apple platforms. The landing page was later pulled down, but not before we got a glimpse of the app in action .

Now the rumor mill has taken things a step further, as earlier in the day, a lengthy video surfaced that showed the BBM for Android beta running on an HTC First.

The video that was posted by, revealed a beta version of BBM for Android running on an HTC First smartphone. The app seen in the video suggests similar features for the Android version as we’ve seen on the messenger’s BlackBerry version.

According to the video, Users will be able to access their Chats, Contacts and Groups at the bottom of the main BBM for Android screen, while things like Updates and Start Chat are tucked away inside the app’s sliding panels. The video demonstrates the app’s ability to send contact information over NFC, utilizing the Android Beam feature that debuted in Android 4.0, and we’re also shown that sent messages appear to show up on the recipient’s device fairly quickly.

The site also notes that the BlackBerry Messenger app will be official by the end of this month and that the app will be available through respective app stores for both Android and iPhone users. later took down the video on request by the Canadian manufacturers. IT seems we might have to wait for the official release to learn more.

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Written by Regina Timothy

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