Why your business needs solid IT support


In today’s technological world, the importance of having top notch IT support has evolved beyond the simple stage of combatting the viruses on your laptop or improving your internet connectivity.

Businesses worldwide rely increasingly on being able to establish a presence online, and on communicating with customers through the web. Failure to do this effectively can lead to loss of revenues, loss of clients and, ultimately, failure to compete with more technologically astute companies.

Ongoing IT support means that glitches are identified early, before they can manifest themselves as major issues or setbacks to the company’s operations. In the long run this is certain to prove more cost effective than completely overhauling a system that has succumbed to technical difficulties. It also means you and your employees are free to pursue your online business objectives, instead of wasting time with confusing, non-compliant technical difficulties. With the correct IT support your business is free to reach its full potential.

If the worse should happen, with proper IT support you can insure all of your digital assets; the likes of texts, videos, images, email correspondence, financial records can all be backed up and replaced. In many circumstances, IT support companies can configure your systems to automatically back up your data as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery program.

PC and Network security is an increasingly important aspect of doing business online. As more transactions are facilitated on the web, more benefits are potentially available for hackers seeking to steal your information or corrupt your software. IT support firms can now monitor your systems for viruses, spyware, malware and unauthorised intrusions, even from within your own network.

This sort of potential hasn’t been lost on big business. In February of this year, Google updated their Google App engine and expanded their range of Google Docs; a Cloud based office package providing word processing, spreadsheets, storage and much more, similar to Microsoft’s Office 365. Cloud based computing is poised to revolutionise the way we do business offering instant, free access to an infinite range of apps and data shared across company platforms around the world, and it’s no surprise to see IT support now being offered via the Cloud. Take a look at some of the benefits compared with traditional IT support:

• Queries can be addressed immediately – you don’t have to wait until office hours to contact and advisor

• You don’t have to wait for an engineer to come to you to address any problems

• Complex instructions do not need to be relayed over the phone

• You won’t continually be passed from one advisor to the next

• You’re not the one who needs to continually monitor your systems

IT support companies are essential in providing the security and peace of mind you need to focus on establishing and maintaining your presence in the increasingly important online sector. The web has opened up unimaginable opportunities for doing business, but those exploring these new horizons are now subject to more risk than ever before, and to go without protection is nothing short of foolhardy.

[author]This post was written by Christophe Boudet, the managing director of Akita IT. [/author]

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