How To Use Google Adwords Tool


What is Google Adwords tool?

When you sign up for a Google Adwords account, you will get access to an excellent keyword tool called Google Adwords tool. Google Adwords is a Pay per Click program of Google that you can use to bring in instant traffic to your site. You can get lot more information regarding Google Adwords by clicking on the following link, If you want to open a Google Adwords account, the minimum amount you will have to spend is $10. For this fee, Google provides you with certain tools that will help you in advertising and bringing traffic to your site.

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tool is a tool that is available in the Google Adwords account. To access this tool, log in to you Google Adwords account and click on ‘Opportunities’. Scroll down the page displayed and click on Keyword Research Tool, which can be found in the left column. By using this tool, you can create keywords easily. If you want to find alternative keywords, this tool will be of great help to you. You can create single keywords or long tail keywords using this tool and will have to be used as an integral part of your SEO process.

Keyword Reports

  • Before you generate keyword reports, go to ‘Views’ in your Adwords account and click on Customize columns. This will be present in the right column of the page.
  • Select all columns and then click on Save. This will display all data that Google Adwords has generated.
  • Click on ‘Relevance’ and then select ‘Global Monthly Searches’. This will display the search popularity results on screen in descending order of popularity.
  • By clicking on the ‘Advanced Options’ link, you will be able to change settings such as local location. However, the best option is to use default settings.

Keyword Selection

  • Keep a list of your preferred keywords list ready before you start this process.
  • Type the keyword in the search field on the page. Then click on ‘Search’.
  • Keyword phrases that are related to the keyword entered will be displayed on screen in decreasing order of popularity.
  • Scroll down the page and look for the word ‘Contains’. You will find various headings of keywords that are related to the entered keyword displayed.
  • Disable all headings except the keyword that you have entered and then browse through the results.
  • Select the keywords that you feel are related to you business.

Producing and Customizing Reports

  • You can download the report generated, by clicking on the ‘Download’ option.
  • The file will be saved on your computer at your desired location.
  • Check for columns that are empty in the report and remove them.
  • You can find the multiple keyword phrases in the ‘Local Monthly Searches’ column. These keywords can also be used as part of your SEO campaign.

 Deep Keyword Research

  • Deep Keyword research involves identifying 2-keyord phrases that are relevant to your business.
  • Use relevant 2-keyord phrases and run them through the Google Adwords tools. This will generate 3+ keyword phrases, which can be used to optimize your website.
  • If required you can use the 3+ keyword phrases to generate longer keywords. However, personally I think that is not necessary.

The process to find keywords relevant to your business using Google Adwords tools seems to be a nightmare task. However, the fact is that the keywords play a very important role in your SEO campaign and a lot of time and effort has to be put into ensuring that you pick the right set of keywords for you SEO campaign.

[author] Matthew Anton is a SEO Expert who has years of experience in carrying out successful SEO marketing campaigns. [/author]

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