The Power Of Forum Internet Marketing, And How To Use It To Build A Solid Presence Online

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Forum internet marketing has been around for a long time and is still been used today.

It’s a quick way to make your online business visible. Infact, if you’re not yet a member of a top forum in your niche, you’re really missing out on a ton of traffic and $$$.

Forums are generally open and used by respected people and experts. It helps spread your marketing message wide.

Here’s a detailed guide to use forum marketing:

Join the Right Forums

Not all forums are worth it. Not all are worth your time so ensure you join the right forum.

Look for popular forums that cover your topic. You could also try searching Board tracker, big boards, or board reader. You could also try typing the following keywords in the search engines:

‘’Niche+ top forums’’ 

‘’Niche topic: best forums’’

Just go on and on like that.  Narrow a list of 5 forums what’re worth it.

Look for forums with a solid and active community that has atleast, 10,000 posts and over a thousand members. Also ensure the forum gets a minimum of ten posts daily.

Don’t post Right Away!

The only way to effectively make use and succeed with forum internet marketing is by planning and strategizing. Don’t post right away.

Spend sometime reading the forum to get a sense of cultural norms. Which type of questions is mostly asked?  Identify the most active users. This information will help you start out effectively.

Create an Account

I don’t need to emphasize this. By now, you should know you need to register an account.

After doing your marketing survey, get an account to channel your ‘’marketing funnel’’.

Pick a Compelling Username and Good looking Avatar

This is where it all starts. Your username and avatar are the first things other users will notice about you. Make it count. Upload a good looking Avatar and a real username.

I mean, use your real name. Stay away from misspellings… and pick usernames that’s very well understandable.

If you’re an SEO expert, you could use a username like: SEO ninja, Professional SEO expert, SEO professional, and some keywords along that line.

Create a Good Looking Profile

Provide a detailed description of your experience and expertise. Ensure you add other necessary information users might want to know.  Add in a couple information like your favorite sports, hometown, age, company name, and contact information. So that other forum users can contact you if they’re interested in hiring you or learning more about your product or service.

Pro tip: don’t make your webmail address visible. Spammers can make use of it to spam your mailbox or even scam you. I know some folks who’ve been scammed by some so called ‘’forum members’. I’m serious.

Say ‘’Hi’’

Many forums out there encourage users to introduce their selves by making a short, introductory post.

When making an introductory post, include brief and crisp information about your brand, and a short explanation of why you joined the forum.

Don’t try to sell your services in the first post, pretend like you’re a newbie…

Don’t Outsource Forum Marketing

Yeah, don’t outsource it. Forum spam may seriously damage your reputation so don’t outsource it! Do it yourself. When hiring a marketing firm, ensure their marketing practices correlate with yours.

Your turn to dazzle Me!

Forum marketing requires dedication, hardwork, and a lot of time.  It’s a good way to advertise your product or service without breaking your bank account.

Do you have any tips or suggestions? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


[author] Manu Alias is an Experienced Online Marketer and he works for Smart SEO. Smart SEO Pty Ltd is one of the best online marketing firm in Sydney and they are focusing on SEO, SEM, Facebook Marketing, Social Media, Web Design and Web Developments.  [/author]

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