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iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S? Which one will make a debut this Fall?


Apple has thrown out the bathwater with the new iOS 7 interface, and now it’ll deliver a new iPhone 6 to go with it. September 10th 2013 has been confirmed as the release date for the new iPhone. But it’s still not confirmed if the new iPhone will be a retooled iPhone 6 or a iPhone 5S, and what would each bring when September rolls around. Apple’s pattern over the years has been to offer an S model like the iPhone 5S in off-years, but its recent aggression points to Apple jumping directly to the iPhone 6. But either way a low cost acrylic plastic iPhone 5C will arrive alongside it.

Sadly though, it is unlikely that the much hyped iWatch will see the light of the day on the said day. Since Apple board member Bill Campbell confirmed that Apple is working on a wearable computing wristwatch, speculation has arisen to when it’ll debut and which other new products it’ll be tied to. The iWatch, like Google Glass, will pair wirelessly with the smartphone in the wearer’s pocket for higher level computing functionality.

Some were expecting the iWatch to debut this fall alongside the iPhone 5S, but the latest buzz has Apple hiring additional engineers for iWatch in a tacit admission that it isn’t all that close to being ready.

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