Mobile Controllers Bring Your Gaming Experience To The Next Level


Gaming on mobile devices has come a long way since the days of playing Snake on an old Nokia phone. Despite bigger screens, infinitely more power, internet access and all of the other advancements that make gaming great on smartphones these days, there’s one advantage that even the seemingly ancient Nokia has: a controller. Touch screens work wonders for certain games, but for others, a real controller is truly a necessity. Granted, using the number pad to play games on a phone isn’t ideal but for some genres, but for some genres, it’s still miles ahead of using a touchscreen. This article is going to look at an exciting new category of accessory for smart phone: The gaming controller, which has finally provided that missing piece that mobile gaming so greatly needed.

Downsides of Touchscreen Gaming

For some games, a touch screen will definitely suffice. But for a true gaming experience, a controller would make the world of a difference. When the buttons are just pictures on a screen, they take up valuable screen space. Even if the game has a good design and your hands don’t get in the way, the buttons are still taking up prime real estate. With a gaming controller, however, you’ve got the entire screen to enjoy with no obstructions.

A touchscreen doesn’t have as much control as many gamers would like. A smartphone’s signature lack of buttons makes it nearly impossible to effectively enter combos or control a character in the way a gaming controller could allow.

The Answer Has Arrived

Recently, an image was leaked that looked like an iPhone gaming controller made by Logitech. This isn’t the first gaming controller for a phone, nor is it the most exciting. Fortunately, another company has a mobile gaming controller in the works as well. ZAGG, a company known making phone cases, is going to be a strong competitor. Although Logitech has a long history of making gaming controllers, ZAGG has got the right formula and is certainly the frontrunner.

The ZAGG Caliber Advantage controller has all of the buttons you’ll need to dominate any genre of video game, and also doubles as a case. This controller is exclusively for iPhone 5, and will be sure to make users of other phones jealous. Using advanced Bluetooth technology, your button inputs are recognized instantly for flawless control of your games.

The controller slides conveniently into a case to protect your phone while you’re not gaming. It could be quite tedious to have to go through the process of taking off your case, attaching the controller, then putting your case back on once it’s “game over.” But ZAGG addressed this concern by simply turning the iPhone gaming controller into a case— brilliant!

So Mobile gamers, rejoice! Take full control of all your favorite games. It’s about time someone came up with such a slick solution to this problem. The Caliber Advantage is scheduled to be released this fall with the launch of the Apple iOS7.

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