Why Windows Could Vanish by 2016
Microsoft Exchange MVP J. Peter Bruzzese calls it “Windows Frankenstein.” Author Woody Leonhard prefers “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Whatever the moniker, it’s clear that a lot of people are unhappy with the Microsoft Windows.

According to a recently released report from GlobalWebIndex, the Windows brand struggles in the mobile market at large. On both smartphone and tablets, the much-maligned OS is failing to gain much traction despite its prominent product launch into the tablet market.

The report reveals that Android leads iOS in mobile OS in 31 global markets. And that in six of those markets–India, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland and Thailand–Windows Phone usage never achieves so much as 11% market share.

But the report also focuses on what impact the highly publicized Windows 8 launch had on tablet sales–or, more accurately, what impact it didn’t have.

The news isn’t good: Android now boasts 156 million global tablet users compared to 122 million on iOS. Those numbers add up to a 75% share of the tablet market, leaving almost no room for a third premier platform. This fits with the fact that, in early 2013, a mere 9.6 million Windows 8 tablets were sold. By comparison, Android surpassed iOS’ 122 million global tablet users, boasting 156 million users in Q1.

Is there room for Windows to improve their sales and share? We think not. Projections from this report show Android accounting for 60-70% of tablet market share by 2016. For iOS, a 30-40% share seems in the cards.

If this forecast holds, it is likely that in three years time, all other OS–except Android and iOS–will disappear completely.

From Halo to Skype, several big brands are embracing Windows. It isn’t that they shouldn’t–ignoring that user base wouldn’t bode well for brands as users keep getting alienated by apps that eschew anything but iOS. But if Microsoft wants a prayer at hanging on, perhaps now’s the time for revision of its “stack review” process.

[author] Written by Lauren Maffeo, an editor at Fueled, world class mobile app developers in New York City. [/author]

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