Steve Jobs: Technology is Obsolete in 10 Years
By: Brandon Smith
In an interview from 1994, Steve Jobs explains that everything he had created and everything in the tech industry would be obsolete 10-20 years after its creation. The never-before-seen clip is from a new 60-minute movie entitled Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur.
At the time, Jobs mentioned that the Apple and Apple II were obsolete and the Macintosh was already on it’s way to the same fate. He describes the technology field as a sediment of rocks that create a mountain. People in the industry are able to add their piece to make the mountain higher, but no one standing at the top will see it.
In describing how his work relates to the Renaissance, Jobs had this to say: “This is a field where one does not write a principia which holds up for 200 years. This is not a field where one paints a painting to be looked at for centuries. Or builds a church that will be admired and looked at in astonishment for centuries.”

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