What not to do when it comes to marketing

With the latest research from the Telegraph confirming that many marketing departments are increasing their expenditure for the coming years, it just goes to show that there are now so many great ways to reach out, interact with customers and find potential leads for new business. But if this is the case, then why are so many companies still getting it completely wrong! Here is a quick guide on what NOT to do.


Marketing services will combine different approaches

Always put together a strategy

Yes, marketing can be expensive, frustrating and at times, completely unexplainable, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. No product or service is so good that it doesn’t need to be promoted, yet so many companies shy away from having a marketing plan. Whatever the size of your business you will always benefit from having a marketing strategy in place year on year. Simply start by working out your target market and then find the best activities to push your products.

Alienating sales

Even if you have a marketing plan in place, no strategy can be effective if your marketing and your sales teams aren’t working together. It is your sales team that are out talking to customers and will have a host of insider knowledge on what makes your customers tick. Likewise, your marketing activity will only be successful if your sales team is totally on board with what they need to do to follow up on mailings, flyers and targeted campaigns. Work together and both your marketing and sales will be successful.

Use all the tricks you have

Just having one marketing campaign on the go at any one time might be nice and easy to follow but it means you are missing out on a range of other marketing techniques that could be bringing in new business. And with so many activities and marketing services to choose from, you will definitely see more success by combining a few together. Direct mail, PR, cold calling and digital marketing can work extremely well side by side and give a more rounded view of your brand to potential customers.

Brand confusion!

However, if you are working various campaigns side by side make sure you don’t confuse customers by ensuring a consistent brand image goes out across all your marketing platforms. Spend some time defining your brand personality so that whether you are planning point of sale advertising or sending email campaigns, your targeted customers can recognise your company and brand however they are approached. Keep your brand front and centre and stick to your values and tone of voice across each and every medium.

By avoiding all these common marketing mistakes you may find that your new business potential grows and brings you greater success going forward. Whatever the size of your business, making the most of your marketing potential means gaining more sales and hopefully opening up your products and services to a whole new and exciting audience.

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