Twitter blocks Desmond Tutu during spam cleanup


Just hours after Retired South African archbishop Desmond Tutu launched a Twitter account, he found it blocked for “aggressively following” other users.

Earlier, Tutu, who officially retired from public life in 2010, had been widely welcomed to Twitter. His first tweet read: “In an ode to the words spoken by Mandela when he retired from public life: ‘I am elderly and decrepit. Don’t tweet me; I’ll tweet you!’ DT.”

His foundation expressed dismay at the decision.

The foundation suggested “the number of people who followed @TutuLegacy in a short space of time,” may have also been to blame.

“I hope the powers that be at Twitter find it in their hearts to fix the problem and let us communicate again,” Tutu’s daughter Mpho said.

The suspension was only temporary, however, and on Thursday afternoon the foundation said it had received an apology. “Twitter says it’s ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ over our suspension,” it tweeted. “We got caught up in a spam cleanup. Glad it wasn’t something we said.”

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Written by Regina Timothy

Editor of TechNews Report. Loves all things technology

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