How Small Businesses Can Use Mobile Advertising


Marketing and advertising are two of the most important aspects of business, but luckily for your company, marketing and advertising are easier than ever thanks to the development of a variety of different mediums.

When it comes to mobile advertising; the medium has greatly expanded so that mobile advertisements are easier to put out there more than ever. Even on the cellphone itself, there are plenty of opportunities for advertising, and taking advantage of them will really help your small business pull in new customers and bring back existing ones. In order to ensure that you use mobile advertising to your advantage, you want to hit all the different aspects of it.


Apps are a great opportunity for advertising. In fact, some companies have put out apps which are nothing but advertisements! If it makes sense for your company to have an app, you should put one out and make sure that it is useful and practical as well as relatable to your business. For instance, if you sell exercise equipment, your app might be a calorie counter that has the option to work in conjunction with your equipment.

Banner Advertisements

These are one of the biggest forms of mobile marketing. These ads either appear in apps or more commonly in phone internet browsers. They function just like internet banner ads, but the user has to physically exit out of them, which forces him or her to read the ad before exiting out of it. These can be localized, so you don’t have to worry about paying to advertise to someone in Alberta if you’re in Toronto.

Text Message Marketing

If you can get your customers to sign up for text based alerts, you have just stumbled into an excellent advertising medium. Emails go unchecked (and sometimes into the spam folder), phone calls can be ignored, direct mail will be thrown straight into the trash… but texts are never ignored. If you can say something worthwhile in your text, you can easily get your customers to go online or come into your store for more information. In addition, you can send picture messages for the same effect.

Things to Keep in Mind with Mobile Marketing

Just like with any form of advertising, it can be easy to essentially throw money away if you don’t market effectively. Do plenty of research and invest heavily in your ad campaign to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible- and that it’s effective. Your ad could reach every person in your local city, but if it doesn’t put across a good message, you may as well have not advertised at all. According to a successful mobile marketing campaign does not start and end with a attractive creative. Any mobile execution requires great creative and seamless post click activation. Therefore, companies need to offer creative solutions that are both innovative and effective.

If done right, though, mobile marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach customers and attract new people to your business. Make sure to be clear about what you’re offering and give all of the advantages that the customer will get by using your service, and your mobile ad campaign should go smoothly, ensuring your profits soon go up.

[author]Paul Chai is a technology and mobile industry enthusiastist writer with interests around cell phones and unlimited cell phone plans.[/author]

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