Meet Vebbler the ‘personal’ social networking site launched by 23-year-old Mumbaikar


23-year-old Sahil Bhagat launches Vebbler, a personal social network in India.

Vebbler went into beta on July 23 and rolled out its first invites on July 28th, 2013.

It is one of the first social web startups in India designed on Crowd Layering Model (CLM).

Vebbler is built with a mission to create a world where people have more meaningful conversations with different relationships in their lives without one aspect of their life spilling into another.

According to Sahil, the site is different from other social networking sites for a couple of reasons including the option to sort your friends into groups whereby the site has introduced a feature called ‘Clubs’ which allows a user to add a person into different layers, such as friends, family, work mates and acquaintances enabling a user to have an entirely separate space for sharing with each relationship.

“As this is still in Beta mode, we are looking at three ways in which we can reach out to people and hopefully get them to be involved in our initiative. Web has no limits with respect to reach. We have launched a YouTube channel that gives out a teaser of what Vebbler has to offer. We also went personally to seven colleges in Mumbai inviting them to join. We also contacted people individually inviting them to experience our beta site. We requested them to invite their friends on board,” added Sahil.

They have managed to get 800 invites from almost 21 countries in just 12 days after the launch of the beta site.

“We did not expect responses from places like Saudi Arabia and Phillipines. It is heartwarming to see that people are getting curious,” Sahil said.

As of now, Sahil has managed to build a small team of 7 people and is working out of a small office in Lower Parel.

” Our next target city is Pune mainly because it is the hub for universities and colleges therefore home to a massive youth population,” said Sahil.

If you are saturated with Facebook and Twitter and you feel strongly about issues on privacy, then Vebbler could just be a good option.

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Written by Regina Timothy

Editor of TechNews Report. Loves all things technology

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