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People who work online are a particular breed of human. In fact you could argue that they’re pioneers, and that they’re one step ahead of everyone else. Literally twenty years ago, the job you do today didn’t exist and wouldn’t have been possible. You’re taking advantage of the most cutting edge technology that humankind has to offer, and you’re using it to liberate yourself from the office and from working for a boss. Feel proud!

We webmasters, coders, designers and SEOs are also a rather vain bunch though. The internet is essentially a universal stage, and many of us are drawn to it specifically so that we can see our work being appreciated by millions of people across the planet. Bloggers and writers in particular are the worst – we believe that the entire world needs to hear our opinions and think nothing of promoting ourselves to the top of forums and social networks to ensure that they do.

And as most online workers are rather vain, there’s a good chance you’ll be interested in reading even more about yourself. If so, then read on to learn what else makes your ‘kind’ tick…



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On average, there are more male webmasters and SEOs than female – in fact most entrepreneurs are male with only 14% of small-medium businesses being run by women. Likewise, most of those guys working online will be aged between 18-30 and will have grown up around computers. You’ll have had a relatively good education most likely with most entrepreneurs having an A level and degree to their name – though not all by any means. Interestingly, ethnic minorities in the US and UK are more likely to go it alone and work for themselves online in terms of percentages (not numbers). Web entrepreneurs are also more likely to live near big cities – in the UK for instance a third of all enterprises, including online enterprises, are based in London.

The Average Webmaster is Not Average


License: Royalty Free

These statistics however are meaningless really. It is not your age, your education, your ethnicity or your location that defines you as an internet entrepreneur: it’s your attitude and your personality.

As someone who works online and for yourself, you are likely to have a higher-than average IQ, you are likely to be highly driven and you are likely to be technically minded and someone who enjoys solving problems. You’ll be risk taking and free spirited, and you might not always have gotten on well in regular workplaces in the past. You probably had a geeky side when you were younger and an interest in computers, but you are also likely to have considerable people skills and business sense to have been able to turn that interest into a money-making venture in the real world. While you are someone who can interact with others well then, and who isn’t ‘shy’, you are still likely to enjoy your own company and to spend a lot of time in your own head. Because that’s where the magic happens…

This guest post is authored by Mike. He is an internet-marketing consultant and works for aone of the top search engine optimization companies. He has been in the field for many years and likes sharing his experience through blogs. His tips have been very helpful for web designers.

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