Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor launches collaborative document editor Quip


A new collaborative word processor app called Quip has been launched for the iPhone, iPad and Web. Although, the preview version of an Android app is available in the Play Store, the developers intend to launch the final version of the Android app, soon.

The app, which has been developed by Bret Taylor, former head of Google’s Maps division and CTO at Facebook with co-founder Kevin Gibbs, integrates a mobile-focused interface, a shared checklist and Google Drive like real-time collaboration and sharing features.

“The transition from PC to phones and tablets is so significant that all the software is going to change dramatically,” Taylor posited in a phone interview.

“There’s been so much effort around social and messaging (on mobile). I don’t mean this in a negative way, but those are time-wasting applications.”

Taylor, who helped start Google Maps and saw his FriendFeed social aggregation app acquired by Facebook, left Facebook last summer. He started Quip with his former Google co-worker Kevin Gibbs, who was instrumental in creating Google App Engine and Google Suggest.

The app sports a beautiful, clean interface, with chat, document feed and the actual document displayed in different swipe-enabled panes. Collaboration is realtime and the user interface, although being a little skeuomorphic at times, makes using the app a pleasant experience.

For collaboration, you need to invite users through email and text messages and after they sign up, can share and collaborate on documents with them.

Quip is charging from the beginning, starting at $12 per month per user for groups of more than five. “We’re selling this product,” Taylor said. “I’m excited to not put a bunch of crap inside the product to make money off it. It seems like a really pure and simple business model.”

The company has raised $15 million from Benchmark Capital, led by Peter Fenton, along with Greylock Capital, Marc Benioff, Yuri Milner and Ron Conway. It has 12 employees and is based in San Francisco.


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Written by Regina Timothy

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