Succeeding On Kickstarter

Kickstarter has exploded onto the crowdfunding scene in recent years, and for good reason. The platform has helped many thousands of people get funding for their creative projects that otherwise may have gone unfinished, as well as advance the popularity of the concept of crowdfunding and its exciting possibilities going forward. While much of the notoriety that Kickstarter has received has come from its use by celebrities, the platform is an effective place for everyday people, musicians, artists and more to create a funding resource that can help them get their dream off the ground.

The biggest benefit to using Kickstarter is clearly the money that it can generate. In the past, creative projects that had no funding would often simply go undone. Today, anyone has at least the opportunity to spread their idea and get a gauge on how others connect with it in the process. Many Kickstarter users have seen success that they had never realized was possible once their projects have gone live and the word has spread about them. With information traveling faster today than ever before, any campaign on the site has the potential to not only reach its funding goal, but exceed it greatly. Many users are finding that they not only have enough money to complete their project and distribute it to the world in the way that they desire once their campaign is over, but that they also have a built in fan base who are already excited for it when they day comes.

With all of this being said, there are a few things that successful campaigns seem do do well, which are detailed below.

Putting Time Into The Presentation

Kickstarter campaigns that are put together hastily and do not have a pleasant and attention grabbing design and layout often do not reach their funding goals. For as good as an idea may be, it has to be presented in a visually appealing way that will allow it to stand out from the other thousands of projects that are live at any given time on Kickstarter. Campaigns that are very deliberate about how they are presenting their key benefits, the rewards for those who choose to help fund the project and arguably most importantly, their campaign video, are the ones that often reach their needed funding amount. Many hours of work should be put into a campaign to ensure that it does not get lost in the shuffle.

Using An Existing Network And Following

Anyone pursuing funding on Kickstarter should finely craft the way in which they are approaching those in their personal or professional networks or online followings about helping with their campaign. Getting these people excited about sharing and participating right from the beginning is vital, as the Kickstarter campaigns that get off to fast starts are the ones that often do the best. A successful start can lead to a lot of exposure to other Kickstarter users, as well as media outlets and bloggers who are keeping the eye on the latest popular projects for stories. Popular campaigns tend to only get more popular, so launching well is key.

These are just a couple of the ways that anyone can increase their chances of being successful on Kickstarter and getting their campaign fully funded. As long as some time is taken to craft an intriguing idea, make the most attractive campaign landing page possible and enlist friends and followers in

spreading the word about it, anyone can see great results with Kickstarter and bring their creative project to life.

[author ]Joey Angeles is a crowdfunding blogger. He enjoys blogging about crowdfunding news, different techniques for a kickstarter video, and different trends in the industry.[/author]

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