Pinterest Now Tracks You Automatically, Lets You Opt Out


Pinterest is rolling out a more personalized experience based on the websites you visit across the Web, but for those who are uneasy about being followed to the far corners of the Internet, Pinterest says it will support “do not track” technology.

A personalized experience means that when you are visiting other Web sites, this data will be used to show pins that may be of interest to you. So if you’ve been looking at cupcake recipes, you’ll start seeing boards full of cupcakes when you log in.

“We’re excited to give everyone a more personalized experience, but we also understand if you’re not interested!” Pinterest software engineer Ke Chen wrote in a blog post. “We support Do Not Track, and you can change your account settings anytime.”

The announcement is part of an upcoming Pinterest update that will let people edit their home feed to better control what pops up. The company will also serve up personalized board suggestions based on activity across Pinterest as well as outside websites with a Pin It button.

Log in to your Pinterest account via your computer’s Web browser. Look for Personalization and toggle the switch to No.

To turn on “do not track,” head to your Pinterest, click on your name in the top right-hand corner, choose Settings and scroll down to Personalization. There you can select yes or no to an option that will “let Pinterest personalize your experience based on other sites you visit.” It is set to “yes” by default.

Why would you want “do not track” enabled? Allowing services or browsers to keep track of Web activity, or cookies, can be useful, like remembering passwords and settings on sites that you surf to frequently. But there are also concerns about targeted advertising and how much data is really collected.

Pinterest joins an array of top top tecj firms such as Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, who have implemented”do not track” technologies over the years.

The updates will roll out slowly, so expect to see the Edit Home Feed option within the next few weeks.

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