The ‘Six Thinking Hats’ Technique

“Six Thinking Hats” is a powerful technique which you can use when making some important decisions. This technique can be useful not only when it comes to decisions for your personal life but also for ones related with your business.

How does it work? The instrument “Six Thinking Hats” was created by Edward de Bono and is explained in his book of the same name. It helps you make better decisions, which actually makes you leave the form of thinking you are used to, and this on the other hand helps you understand the full spectrum of your decision as well as identify the current problems and opportunities you haven’t noticed before.

Many successful people usually think from a rational point of view. This is the reason why they are so successful. Of course, often they happen to approach their problems emotionally, intuitively, creatively or negatively, and this may mean that they fail in using the more creative approach and planning their actions. By the same reasons, pessimists may be excessively defending themselves and people who are more emotional usually find it difficult to make calm and rational decisions.

If you face a certain problem using the “Six Thinking Hats” instrument, you will find the best decision because you will use different approaches and your decision will be a mixture between ambition, personal skills, sensitivity, creativity and planning.

The technique can be used either separately or in a group. If you try to use it in a group you will see that it is able to neutralize a collision in the views of a few professionals while discussing the same problem.

Each of the six hats is associated with a separate way of thinking. Here they are:

  • A white hat

By “wearing” this hat you concentrate on the information that you actually have. The thing you should do is examine it thoroughly and think of the things that you can learn from it. Then look for some gaps in your knowledge and try to fill them. This is also the time when you have to analyze some past events and make a conclusion.

  • A red hat

“Wearing” the red hat means that you must face the problem using your intuition, courage and emotions. Try to put yourselves in the shoes of other people, and then try to understand their motives and reactions.

  • A black hat

Using the black hat will give you the opportunity to find the disadvantages of a certain decision of yours. Try to analyze it carefully and take a defensive position. Then try to understand why your plan can not work properly. This is important, because this way you will be able to find the disadvantages of every plan you make and helps you eliminate them. The black hat is also used when you want to make better plans which will lack any fatal gaps and risks.

  • A yellow hat

The yellow hat will help you think more positively. It is associated with the optimistic point of view that usually helps you think of all advantages of your decisions. So, “wearing” the yellow hat is the key if you somehow think that your plans are not working the way they are supposed to.

  • A green hat

The green hat is especially designed to stimulate your creativity. Using that kind of hat will help you be more initiative and creative when solving a problem.

  • A blue hat

The blue hat is especially for those of you who need to be in charge of the process of making certain decisions. You can “wear” it when you feel exhausted of making decisions or need to stimulate your thinking.

Here are some key points that you need to have in mind when it comes to using the “Six Thinking Hats” technique:

  • This technique is meant to help you when analyzing the effects of a certain decision from many perspectives
  • The “Six Thinking Hats” technique allows any necessary emotions such as skepticism for example to intervene in your working process. It also creates new possibilities and gives you opportunity to use it on your own or in a group.
  • Plans that are developed using the technique of “Six Thinking Hats” are usually more successful than usual

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