SolidFire raises $31M from Samsung Ventures


SolidFire, a maker of high-performance solid-state storage systems, secured $31 million in new funding and new version of its storage solution – the SF9010 – that offers the possibility of building an all-SSD storage platform of up to 3.4 PB.

The funding round was led by new investor Samsung Ventures, with participation by prior investors New Enterprise Associates, Valhalla Partners, and Novak Biddle Venture Partners. Including the new round, SolidFire has raised $68 million to date.

That C round of funding will bring SolidFire $31 million to expand sales and marketing as well as support expansion into the enterprise market, said Jay Prassl, vice president of marketing for the Boulder, Colo.-based vendor.

The involvement of Samsung Ventures in the round also brings technical expertise in flash storage as well as a global market reach, Prassl said.

The new flagship storage node called the SF9010 is designed for enterprise and cloud clients that need top-tier performance. Inside a single SF9010 storage node is a 960GB Samsung SSD. A base configuration of five nodes brings the cost down to $3 per GB. The SF9010 will be available for purchase on Sept. 1.

The new SF9010 all-SSD nodes allow customers to build storage architectures of up to 100 nodes with a total capacity of 3.4 petabytes and 7.5 million IOPs. However, SolidFire’s Prassl said, no one has ever built out that large an architecture, and that 30 nodes to 40 nodes is the typical max.

SolidFire’s lineup, which also includes the SF3010 with 300-GB SSDs and the SF6010 with 600-GB SSDs, scales up both in terms of capacity and performance, making it an ideal platform on which to build a high-performance cloud storage practice, Wallace said.

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