5 Questions To Ask Before Attempting Your Own Internet Marketing


Attempting to do your own internet marketing can have great results… if you do it the right way. However, if you do it the wrong way, you may find yourself facing a large loss in terms of the time it took for you to do it, and a large monetary loss if your efforts do not obtain satisfactory results.

Many people can find success when attempting to do their own internet marketing, helping them to increase traffic to their site, and their bottom line. On the other hand, many people who aren’t equipped with the knowledge and time it takes to be successful when doing their own internet marketing are left with nothing more than frustration, time wasted, and an empty bank account.

To help you make a more informed decision as to whether or not you can and should attempt your own internet marketing, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

1. Do I really know what will work the best?

If you have a product that you believe would sell well with the right marketing campaign, it is very important to ask yourself this question. In order for a product to sell, you have to get the right message in front of the right people. The problem is, there are thousands of different messages you might come up with, and the vast majority of internet users are not the right people. Knowing what works best for your specific product will help you go a long way.

2. Do I really have time to do all of this?

Internet marketing can be very time consuming. Working with a professional internet marketing service or reseller can help cut down on the time you spend on marketing significantly, but especially in the beginning, you are going to need to spend a fair amount of time on building up a social media presence, creating quality content, working on your search engine ranking positions, etc.

3. Do I know how to keep track of what is and is not working?

You always need to know what is and is not working when you do your own internet marketing. When you try out something new, you have a little bit of wiggle room to test out your assumptions, but for the most part, you should not be spending time on doing things that do not work. Keeping track of what works can be done with Google Analytics, which gives you details about your website visitors, how they interact with your site, etc. Some internet marketing reseller platforms have tools that show you what is working as well.

4. Do I have any experience with internet marketing concepts?

Almost anybody can setup a Twitter account or a Facebook page for a business or a product. The trick is to get people to interact with the accounts; bringing in new people, and ultimately making more sales. Using SEO techniques to make your website appear higher in search engine ranking positions is also something you would need to do to help reach your full potential, but very few people have the skills and knowledge needed to launch an effective SEO campaign.

5. Would it be easier for me to contract this out to another company?

Sometimes, it is just easier to let a company that deals with internet marketing all the time take over promoting your website or product. For many business owners, this is a very easy thing to do since they are already used to delegating authority to other people dealing with specific parts of their business. As your company grows or as you sell more of your product, the number of people you are going to have working for your will grow, and their responsibilities will grow as well.


If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions aside from the last one, then you probably have what it takes to do your own internet marketing. If you answered “No” however, you may seriously want to consider looking into letting a contractor handle it, or hiring an internet marketing agency or reseller to help you with your efforts. Of course, if you do hire an external company to do this for you, make sure that they provide you with plenty of tracking and reports (like the SEO State of the Union report from Agencyplatform.com) to help ensure you know what is going on with your account.

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