Syrian Electronic Army alleges stealing ‘millions’ of phone numbers from chat app Tango


After hacking a number of high-profile Twitter accounts this spring, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is now claiming to have stolen millions of email addresses and phone numbers from users of the messaging application Tango,  which is used for making video and voice calls and to share photographs around the world.

The attack was confirmed by the group through a message posted on Twitter. “Sorry @TangoMe, We needed your database too, thank you for it! #SEA #SyrianElectronicArmy,” Syrian Electronic Army tweeted.

Since Tango was running on an older version of the web publishing tool WordPress, it was easy for the hackers to break in and hack the database. The SEA posted what it said were screenshots of the Tango backup folders and app logs.

The hackers revealed the database will be provided to the Syrian Government.

“Much of the information in the databases that were downloaded will be delivered to the Syrian government,” the group said.

The California based website Tango, was founded in September 2009, and has about 100 million registered users. It recently launched its iPad application as well.

Tango had a database of about 1.5TB daily back up of the servers and contained millions of phone numbers and email details of all its users, according to EHacking News.

Meanwhile, the SEA also attacked The Daily Dot after the blog covered the Tango hack and included a caricature of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Dear @dailydot, please remove the attached picture … or we will do something you will not like it,” the SEA tweeted.

“The Daily Dot refused, so the hackers broke into at least one Gmail account of Daily Dot staff. In addition, the hackers broke into the site’s admin panel and removed the article,” the SEA said in a separate note on its site.

“This time we deleted that article, the second time we will delete all your website,” the SEA said, though the article in question is back online, with the original photo.

Earlier this week, the SEA also broke into the database of Truecaller app, which too ran on the older version of WordPress, and stole its data.

The Swedish Company, Truecaller is considered to be world’s largest collaborated global phone directory and more than 100 countries have access to the application.

When Syrian Electronic Army hacked the database of Truecaller they tweeted the same message that read, “Sorry @Truecaller, we needed your database, thank you for it.”

Syrian Electronic Army had hacked several other websites in the past. It targeted some of the famous newspapers such as Telegraph and Financial Times.

SEA also hacked the Twitter account of Associated Press and falsely tweeted that White House had been bombed, which injured President Barrack Obama. Following the fake tweet, the stock market plunged and incurred a loss of $136 billion, reported The Telegraph.

In May 2013, SEA hacked the Twitter account of an online fake news organisation called The Onion. Along with it the group also attacked ITV’s twitter account and the mobile application of Sky News London.

The Syrian Electronic Army emerged in September. The hackers reportedly started attacking Western websites in retaliation for Innocence of Muslims, an anti-Islamic video that resulted in violent demonstrations in the Middle East. They have since been targeting news sites they believe are reporting news hostile to the Syrian government.

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