Top Five Free Affiliate Marketing Networks


If you are new to the idea of affiliate marketing, then to put it simply these are programmes that are commission based. To earn commission you place a banner and work to advertise a particular product, when a visitor clicks on your link and purchases the product, the affiliate earns commission. Affiliate programmes are sometimes referred to as pay per click because customers click on a link and some programmes will pay a certain amount just because you have directed a customer to their site.

Most affiliate marketing networks say that the process is a winner for everyone. The company gets a buyer, the affiliate gets a commission for promoting and selling and the buyer gets the product. What programme you choose, and how effective it is for you, depends to some extent on what niche your website or blog is in.

Not all affiliate programmes are equal, some offer better commission than others and some offer help in setting up a website and using banners and keywords. Below are five of the best, free, affiliate marketing networks. An increasing number of people now run a personal website or blog and affiliate networks help them to earn an income online.

1. Amazon 

Amazon is probably one of the most well known companies that offer affiliate marketing. The basic idea is that you get a banner and you advertise their books or products, if someone clicks on your link and purchases that book or product, you are paid ten percent commission on that sale. One of the best things about Amazon affiliate programmes is that you don’t need to set up a complicated site all you have to do is paste some html into your site to get you up and running.

Amazon offers its affiliates a variety of tools to sell their products. Amazon gives affiliates a site stripe to add to their blog or website and offers tools that will link the visitor to various products. Links provide pictures and information on specific products. You can also add various Amazon widgets to your site which give access to a range of products and add various functions to your site.

2. Commission Junction 

Many blog and website publishers choose Commission Junction because of their system of sales reporting and their easy to use interface. Publishers can easily see what kind of promotion works best for which products.

3. ShareAsale 

ShareAsale is another company that puts publishers in touch with businesses that have products to sell. A growing number of bloggers now use more than one affiliate network to earn extra money through their website or blog.

4. Clickbank 

Clickbank has been around for a long time it is very accessible and you can choose from a huge variety of products, mostly digital information. Again, Clickbank provides the publisher with a link for their site that takes visitors to the product; you can also check sales numbers and earnings.

5. Linkshare 

Linkshare is a company that helps publishers to develop long term, profitable relationships with businesses trying to sell and promote products. Again the publisher is provided with product links and has access to reports so they can see whether a particular product is working for them.

[author ]James is a former affiliate marketer, he loves sharing his tips and trick for the other affiliate marketers. He often works with the Clicksure complaints team to guide affiliates. [/author]

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