Amazon denied ‘.amazon’ domain


Seattle-based Amazon should not be given control of the “.amazon” domain, a committee overseeing such issues said Tuesday.

The nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ Governmental Advisory Committee recommended, amazon not be approved for use as a so-called global top-level domain — the letters that follow the dot in Internet addresses.

The rejection was due to widespread objections from countries along the Amazon River.

At a meeting in Durban, South Africa, Icann reviewed applications for new domain suffixes like these in what has been billed as the biggest expansion of Internet addresses. Scores of companies, countries and organizations have applied to use their names or other terms as global top-level domains, alongside the handful of existing ones like .com and .org.

While Icann has approved several new dot-terms, including the Chinese word for game and the Russian word for network, English-language brand names derived from geographical locations have proved to be more complicated.

In the run-up to the Durban meeting, a group of Latin American countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, sent a letter to Icann, in which they argued that .amazon should be rejected because a river runs through it.

“In particular ‘.amazon’ is a geographic name that represents important territories of some of our countries, which have relevant communities, with their own culture and identity directly connected with the name,” the letter said. “Beyond the specifics, this should also be understood as a matter of principle.”

The group had also objected to another application, from the outdoor clothier Patagonia, to use its name as an address suffix. That application was withdrawn before the Durban meeting.


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