Affiliate Marketing Trends 2013

For people looking to exploit financial opportunities from the internet, affiliate marketing has gained a high profile in recent times.  But as more and more people take up affiliate marketing to earn an income, how has it changed and what are the trends for this current year in this line of business?  Read on to discover more.

Mobile commerce

Affiliate trends for 2013 will see a growth in mobile commerce impacting on the affiliate market.  As increasing numbers of people engage in mobile commerce, affiliate marketers will need to adapt and respond accordingly to meet this growing demand.  As well as ensuring a smooth and easy transaction, with rigorous testing on mobile devices, there also needs to be room for making sure publishers are credited accordingly.

Targeted social media

Social media will continue to play a vital role in attracting traffic to an affiliate’s website, and the way that social media is used will be high on the agenda for 2013.  Successful affiliate marketers will increasingly use social media in a targeted and refined way, to offer insightful information about the products they are promoting.

Market growth

2013 will see affiliate marketing making its presence in wider markets, reaching out globally in areas and countries that it hasn’t done before.  As affiliate marketing becomes more respected and widely known, it will see growth in emerging consumer markets.

Brand promotion

For this upcoming year, and into the future beyond, affiliates will increasingly be looking to develop and grow into recognisable brands.  They will continue to create more focused relationships with the merchants they deal with, and place a greater emphasis on nurturing and sustaining long-term relationships with consumers.  Payment models are also likely to change to hybrid models.

An essential component of the marketing mix

Affiliate marketing often took a back seat or low priority place in an online advertiser’s marketing mix.  But as this year gets underway, trends strongly suggest that affiliate marketing is ranked equally as high as other elements of the marketing strategy.  Key players are recognising the benefits and sales growth to be gained from affiliate marketing, and in today’s competitive arena, it is fast becoming a standard practice.

Cross-channel marketing

2013 will see a rise in the way affiliate programs use coupons and attribution tracking methods to reward their affiliates, which will go beyond rewarding solely for purchases made.  With consumers using multiple systems to make purchase decisions, it can be harder than ever to track who actually persuaded the visitor to make that decision.

Video marketing

Affiliate marketers attempting to stay one step ahead of the game are recognising the benefit of using video marketing as a method to attract and encourage consumers to make purchases.  As technology advances, more people are able to digest video content, for instance, on their Smartphones, so producing interesting, informative or educational video content could be the next big affiliate opportunity.

Location based marketing

Increasing numbers of social network users utilise FourSquare to share their location details with others.  As this trend continues, affiliate marketers looking to exploit opportunities in 2013 should consider creating location specific information, rather than generic advertisements.

[author ]A former affiliate marketer James still likes to keep up to date with the latest affiliate marketing trends, the above list is his must-know trends for 2013. James can often be found helping the Clicksure review team. [/author]

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