Top 5 Gardening And Landscaping IPhone Apps

In the digital age of smartphones and tablets, applications exist for every single purpose. For landscapers and gardeners, applications exist that can help users identify a variety of different plans and design their perfect yard. Our top-rated landscaping applications allow users to upload a photo of their yard and use the design tools to create their dream yard. Continue reading as we rank the top 5-iPhone/iPad gardening and landscaping applications.

# 1: Eden Garden Designer


License: Royalty Free

Do you want to imagine what your front yard might look like with a little bit of landscaping and gardening? If so, the Eden Garden Design provides users with opportunity to design their dream yard. To start, users can upload a photo of their yard and use the apps built in features to imagine the yard with plants and landscaping features. Alternatively, one can choose a computer-generated image to fantasize about their perfect yard. Eden Garden Design’s plant library is full of exotic flowers and beautiful images. The application provides people with a great start to imagining the best plants and landscape features for their yard. The application priced at $1.99 is available on the Apple marketplace for iPhone and iPad customers.

#2: Garden Plan Pro


License: Royalty Free

At a cost of $9.99, the Garden Plan Pro tied for our most expensive landscaping application; however, for customers searching for a feature packed app this is the best option. When it comes to designing your perfect garden, customers can either upload an existing photo of their yard or choose one from the app’s library. Once the photo is uploaded, customers can use the interactive design interface to rearrange plants and choose the layout. Not only does the app allow users to plan a flower garden, but it also allows people to choose a vegetable, herb or fruit garden. The application offers individualized reminders and planting recommendations based on the weather in the area where the application owner lives.

# 3: iScape


License: Royalty Free

iScape is similar to our #1 landscaping app, Eden Garden Designer; however, at a cost of $9.99 iScape lacks the same value. To use, customers simply upload a picture of their yard and use the app to choose the perfect plants and shrubs. Unlike our other applications, the user does not have the option of choosing a preexisting photo. Therefore, the app does not allow users to choose a fictional home to design their dream yard.

#4: Gardening How-To


License: Royalty Free

This free iPad and iPhone application is the official publication of the National Home Gardening Club. This bare bones application gives basic information to gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. The application is full of bright photos and insightful articles. Individuals who subscribe to the magazine receive additional content and can access digital copies of the print version. Unlike other landscaping applications, Gardening How-To does not allow users to upload a photo and design a virtual yard.

#5: Flowerpedia


License: Royalty Free

This application is ideal for the beginning gardener who wants a quick and easy reference guide for flowers. Flowerpedia aims to help people identify various flowers and learn more information about them. The application allows users to take a photo of a flower, upload it to the app and find the name of the mystery plant. Unfortunately, the application is only designed to be a reference guide and is not ideal for experienced gardeners.

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