5 Easy Ways To Use Live Chat To Increase Website Traffic

Chatting with friends is what we do everyday so casually every time we sit on our chairs and face the computer. Sometimes, we just find ourselves clicking on the internet browser and opening our Facebook accounts to chat before actually doing the task we were intended to do. It too, happens to me more often that not, and that process has become integrated in my everyday “what-to-do” lists.

For the majority of us, chatting may just be like that – a much easier and more affordable method of communicating with other people. But for some, they treat chatting as something that can greatly help them. These people are the site owners who have embedded chatting tools into their sites and found out how much it complimented their site than not. Now let’s jot down into 5 main points as how it just did so.

Garnering More Return Visits

This could very well translate into more traffic for the site. Sounds a little too good? Well, damn right it does! Site owners and business entrepreneurs won’t spend thousands of dollars on marketing strategies if these chatting tools can do the same for FREE. But let’s not close our minds on that just yet and hear out what the other side has to say.

The fact is, these chatting tools DO help in getting more traffic or return visits for a site, but they do so indirectly. Instead of becoming a beacon that redirects a potential customer into the site’s marketing range, the chatting tool is the one that supports the site as a whole that will relay the site owner’s ideas and thoughts which will convince that customer to tend to their products once he lands on its webpage.

Sounds a bit complicated? Then, imagine this situation – You, the customer, is convinced by a product through a banner ad and wanted to buy that product from a particular site but you’re unsure it would prove useful to you or not in the first place. And then you see that small chat room beside the scroll bar and use it to get a conversation with the site management. You type in your concerns and questions about that product and promptly get the answers you wanted from them. And this all happened in like, what – a few minutes?

This is how the chatting tools do it – by providing credible and informative customer service quickly and efficiently through real time chat. By providing the said service, the customers will be more likely to come back as the site owners gave them no reason not to. So in a way, having a chat room on site can augment the marketing strategies the site owner has already employed on his site.

Increases Site Interaction

For every site owner, having their site fully optimized for search engine rankings is a must. And one of the key factors into achieving a good spot in keyword search? You guessed it – site interaction. And of course, having a chat app is a great help in this field.

Chat rooms in sites makes the viewers spend more time within it as they are prone to start conversations with the management or with the other clients (if the chatting tool allows group chats, that is). And the more credible and informative the subjects are, the more engrossed the clients will be while having a conversation and the more time will they be spending inside the site.

More Page Views 

Normally, the chatting tool is open for everyone to use. As such, it can’t be helped that the management is overwhelmed by the number of requests and other questions, some of which are unrelated to what the site is all about. The management can solve this by asking the said client to visit a particular page within site to look for the answers he’s looking for and ask them again later if he’s still having questions.  This time, the chat app can also act as a navigation panel for the site’s viewers and it will make surfing within the site (especially if it’s a big one) much easier and would require less time to do so.

And since the site owner will be redirecting their clients to visit their pages this will also result in those pages gaining more views. Through the chatroom, the viewers can even browse those unique topics easily with the site owner’s help.

Makes the Site More Fun

Entertainment. Who doesn’t like that? Unless it goes overboard that is. However, quality entertainment is just as important as any factor for a site to increase its daily web traffic count.

Chatting tools can in fact, do a very good job of keeping the viewers entertained. Trust me – I’ve been in a lot of chat rooms to know just how fun it is. And entertainment comes in all sorts of ways, depending on the niche of the site. It can either go in the form of informative material, hot stuff (girls perhaps?), funny gags and a lot more.

More Profit

Embedding a chatting tool brings in more money? Now we’re talking. But if you’ve understood everything you’ve read until now, then there’s no need to question that right? The fact is, the more people you draw in to your site, the more chances will it convert into profit.

And this is what chatting tools do best – bringing in more people inside them. By properly managing the chat room, the user can easily make regular patrons in no time and still gain more potential clients. That’s because a site that provides instant customer support through live chat is a site that anyone would fall in love with. And these chat app users can do so easily while cracking up jokes at the same time.

The Conclusion

Having a chatting tool embedded into a site is without a doubt a great idea. It can make site livelier with all the people chatting together while being served the valuable information they need. However, site owners should take into account some points before picking out a chatting tool to use.

There are a lot of chatting tools out there but only a few make the cut. Site owners should take their time picking one as the success the chat software can bring to their site mainly depends on the functions it has in delivering the best chatting experience to its viewers. A chat app like Chatwing, for instance, is a great example of a nifty chatting tool. This tool has security functions that give the user total control over the chat room that includes banning wrongdoers and deleting their messages; customization features that modifies the chatroom to fit the user’s preferences – simply put, it turns the chat room into an eye-candy; network features and much more.

Choosing the right chatting tool is definitely up to you. Just make sure that whatever you choose, has the right stuff it needs to make your site, simply better.

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