Quick Review: Alcatel One Touch Idol X

French manufacturer Alcatel are known producers of basic mobile phones. At the 2013 Mobile World Congress, Alcatel expressed their intentions of breaking through the high-end Smartphone market by unveiling their flagship device, the One Touch Idol X. With the stiff competition amongst established high-end Smartphone producers, Alcatel has to do some serious catching up.


The phone is set to be available in the market sometime in July 2013. It will come in two versions – single-SIM and dual-SIM. The single-SIM version will have an 8MP camera and a MicroSD slot for expanding storage. The dual-SIM on the other hand will have a 13MP camera but no MicroSD slot. It will be available in different colors such as blue, yellow, red and black. Both versions have a secondary camera and have LED flash and autofocus. This makes it perfect for VoIP calls and apps for business usage. One only needs to acquire a VoIP service from the many reliable third party providers in the market, including RingCentral.

The Idol X is 7.1mm thick. That makes it slimmer than the iPhone5 and GALAXY S3 although Alcatel made it clear that it’s not meant to compete directly with either device. Other dimensions are yet to be determined but judging by the slimness of this phone, it will fit just fine into the palm and should also fit most pockets.

There are capacitive buttons found just below the screen. They light up when pressed and disappear into the bezel when not used. It will take some getting used to locating the buttons especially at night but that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The trend amongst high-end Smartphones is having 5” screens and the Idol X just added to the mix and although Alcatel is a newbie in producing high-end Smartphones, they’ve done a pretty good job with the display. It sports a 5” 1920 x 1080 Full HD IPS display. It looks vivid and vibrant. Viewing angles and color reproduction are solid. It has a pixel density of 441ppi which means that individual pixels won’t be noticed by the naked eye.

Alcatel made a good choice going with the latest version of Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. That’s on par with ‘popular’ high-end Smartphones. Had it chosen an older version, it would have drastically affected its market value. Judging that it has the latest Android version, it is to be expected that screen transitions, opening of apps, navigation, and web browsing will be smooth.

Under the hood of the Idol X is a 1.5GHz quad-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM. Other high-end phones are already running 1.7GHz quad-core processors but the one on the Idol X isn’t that bad still because it’s still fast.

Despite the Idol X being really slim, Alcatel managed to squeeze in a 2000mAh battery to power it. But with the 5” display and connectivity to the Internet, it’s hard to see the battery lasting a full day if used heavily.

With the specs of the Idol X, it’s pretty hard to see it do well in the high-end Smartphone market. But knowing that it will be given a considerably cheaper price tag compared to most high-end phones, it will be a serious contender in the mid-range market. Other notable areas where the Idol X is poor are on camera performance, no NFC and no LTE. If you’re from the US, where LTE has become widely popular, that may be a deal-breaker. But if you don’t mind all these, the Idol X is recommendable.

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