WhatsApp gets update for its Windows phone

WhatsApp has been in need of a serious update on Windows Phone for months now.

Windows users have been facing problem with the streaming API as it is said to have an extremely poor performance on the Windows phone as compared to other operating systems.

Now thanks to a new update, all this will be a part of the past.

The new update by WhatsApp includes many additional services such as initiating voice calls within the app and a faster performance like any Android smartphones.

As per the new update, the app utilizes the Windows background agent and also allows playing music and fixes the bug of multiple notifications. The double tiled files will no more display the number, but will show up the actual text instead.


The chats settings will be better equipped with improved Emoji and will also enable the users to save the chat history if they want multimedia components (images) have better clarity with larger display quality.

As promised, the app no longer uses the music streaming API to check for messages. In other words your music queue doesn’t get affected when you get a WhatsApp message. This has been a major grievance for many Windows Phone users and it’s good that it’s finally fixed.

Secondly, notifications and messages now work properly, so no more delayed messages and receiving the same notifications over and over again. These issues had made the app a constant frustration to use so users will undoubtedly be happy about this.

Finally the API change and other upgrades have made the app dramatically more battery-efficient. Many Windows Phone users know that WhatsApp used to be a very effective way to kill your battery in a matter of hours so this comes as great news.

The new update has been made available on the Windows app store running up to version 2.10.488.0.

To get the new exciting features, the Windows user will have to subscribe the app for an annual payment of $0.99.

You can download WhatsApp for Windows Phone here.

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