AngelList Partners with CrunchBase

This week, CrunchBase, a free database of that provides information of funding raised by companies announced that it had partnered with AngelList an online platform that brings together startups and potential funders.

So what does this partnership mean for startups?

Well, if you have a company on AngelList, you can choose to sync it with CrunchBase — once a day, any public information you provide will automatically be exported over to your CrunchBase company profile. This will save you time entering the data in both places, and help CrunchBase offer a more comprehensive data set for the public. The setup here is similar to the CrunchBase Venture Program, where more than 240 investment outfits provide public updates about their portfolios in exchange for better access to CrunchBase API and team.

This feature has been in testing for a week and already more than 300 AngelList companies have already opted in, so the teams working on the feature expect it’ll be pretty popular.

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