Instagram adds Web embeds

On Wednesday Photo-sharing service introduced web embedding for Instagram content, allowing users to grab a special block of text that they can paste into a blog, article or web site.

Simply cut and paste the embed text from an Instagram page to your blog, and the video will appear on your page after publishing.

The service, which will only be available to users with public profiles displays content similarly to Instagram’s web site, where viewers can see the user who uploaded the photo or video as well as an area for likes and comments.

All embedded content will also appear with the uploader’s Instagram username and clicking the Instagram logo will bring people to their page on

Web embedding has been a highly requested feature for the service since the company stopped supporting Twitter embeds to protect its brand. With the introduction of video last month, the update makes perfect sense. In comparison, Vine has already had embedding tools in place since its launch at the beginning of the year. The ability to embed video makes it easier to share photos and videos on the web helps provide ubiquity to the Instagram brand.

With this move, Instagram seems to be taking steps to establishing itself as a real-time sharing platform. Similar to Twitter, sharing on the Instagram platform can be enticing for journalists and reporters for sharing video on location. With over 130 million active users, bringing Instagram content outside of the native apps can only spell for more widespread recognition.

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