Introduction To Successful Facebook Ads

 After understanding how Facebook ads work, creating a successful advertisement is the next step. There a several mistakes to avoid, and several rules to adhere to, in order to achieve the best results.

1. Be creative. Make sure that you create an ad that is unique to your company. To do this, you can employ interesting graphics, catchy tag lines and headers that grab the reader’s attention. Make sure to test several versions of your ad before launching it, to ensure that you are putting forward your best.

2. Use an intriguing graphic. Graphics are important to catch the eye of the viewer and to get them to click on your advertisement. You need to make sure your graphic is actually relevant to your product. It is important to get people to click-through in order to engage with potential clients, not just “Likes.” Be aware of the details of the image, and be sure exclude disturbing or distracting elements that don’t stick to your message.

When choosing your graphic, make sure to keep mobile users in mind. Simple graphics with large elements are best for viewing on mobile devices.

3. Be focused. Be specific about the comparative advantage of your product or service. What can you offer that other businesses cannot?

4. Proofread. Facebook ads often get rejected because of spelling mistakes. Be sure to proofread multiple times. Always get another person to proofread as well – your eyes will see what the message is supposed to say, rather than what is actually written, after a few times of rereading the ad.

5. Be choosy. Put forth your best when creating Facebook ads. The advertisement will be seen by a large number of people. Never settle for “good enough.”

6. Be aware of your language. One of the most important things to remember is the type of language you use.  The choice of words, expressions and slang will affect the customer’s likelihood of further exploring your ad. You need to know how to approach your audience, such as formal vs. informal tone of voice, when writing your advertisement.

7. Feature yourself. Be sure to put your brand at the forefront of your ad, so that the focus is on your business.

8. Reward. If possible, include a reward of some kind in your ad. You will likely have a higher number of click-throughs. Many Facebook advertisers say the reward is the best way to go. Rewards can include prizes, samples, coupons or discounts.

9. Adhere to Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. You are wasting your time if you can’t actually get the ad on Facebook because it does not adhere to the rules set out by the management of Facebook.

Make It Memorable

Customers need to be familiar with your ads and recognize your brand or product for them to feel comfortable enough to buy. You want them to remember your Facebook page and, more importantly, the advertisement.

To do this you need to have a very clear focus. What is the most important part of your ad? If it’s graphics, then make sure you have a killer graphic that can really grab the attention of users. If you have a unique tag line, then use that as the focus.

Facebook advertisements need to be kept simple. You don’t want the different elements of the ad competing for attention. Did you make sure that your brand is clearly a part of the ad? One way to do this is to include your logo, colors or signature graphic.

What about your message? Make sure it is clear and engages the emotions of those who see it. Will people feel happy when seeing your ad? It is important that what you have created brightens your customer’s day and provides some sort of entertainment.

[author ]Donna is the Social Media Manager at Edictive, a full-service end-to-end cloud film production company based in Sydney, Australia.[/author]

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