Huawei and Airtel launch free Wi-Fi service on Easy Cabs in Delhi

Huawei and Airtel have teamed up to offer free Internet access to EasyCabs customers in Delhi NCR.

Powered by Airtel high speed 3G internet and Huawei E355 Wi-Fi data card, commuters will be able to access internet via their Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices so that they can connect or make video calls to offices while on the move or participate in other pleasure activities such as gaming, surfing or watching movies while in transit through the streets of Delhi’s NCR.

Huawei has also partnered with online channels such as Flipcart, Honeshop18 and Snapdeal where their E355 data card is available across the country while the Huawei dongle is also on offer at select Airtel retail stores.

Announcing the consumer initiative, Huawei Device India President, Mr. Victor Shan said, “We are really excited to launch 3G WiFi connectivity on the go in Easy Cabs, powered by Airtel’s high speed 3G internet and enabled by Huawei E355 WiFi data card. As consumers continue to own multiple WiFi-enabled devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and gaming devices, we hope that they can utilize their valued time and make the most out of their journey by enjoying faster emailing, surfing, gaming, movies and video clips.”

Rohit Gothi, Hub CEO, Bharti Airtel, Delhi-NCR and Rajasthan said, “With the internet emerging as an inherent part of the lives we lead today, we at Airtel are always looking for new ways of bringing our customers closer to the always-connected online experience that they enjoy. Through Huawei’s data card services available in EasyCabs across the city, we are delighted to offer our customers in Delhi NCR a seamless and high-speed data experience to stay connected to the exciting world of internet – even when on the road!”

Huawei E355 was launched in India last year as a product that can work as a regular USB modem capable of accepting GSM SIM, or in a mode that can create a Wi-Fi network for your mobile devices while it is connected to your PC. Connect it to a USB power source and it can also function as a standalone device, creating a Wi-Fi network that you can use.

Huawei has placed its device, Wi-Fi data card E355, in the cigarette lighter of the cabs, using an adapter. Internet services can be accessed by any traveller on his/her laptop, iPad, phone or any other device using a password provided to the driver of the cab. Hundred vehicles equipped with the facility have been launched for the initiative.

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