Yahoo Acquires Bignoggins

Earlier this week Yahoo announced that they’d acquired Silicon Valley startup Bignoggins Productions, a one-man iPhone development shop which had previously built a handful of fairly popular Fantasy Sports mobile apps.

The acquisition of Bignoggins announced on Monday is the latest in a series of mostly small deals that Yahoo Inc has completed since the Internet company hired Marissa Meyer as its chief executive officer nearly a year ago. Like past acquisitions, Yahoo did not disclose the details of the deal.

Up until today, Bignoggins had at least two apps in the store: Fantasy Monster ($5), and Draft Monster ($3). Both apps were built as all-in-one tools, meant to let Fantasy Sports nuts manage their pretend football/baseball/basketball/hockey teams across Yahoo, ESPN, and NFL’s competing services.

Bignoggins Productions was founded by Jerry Shen who quit his job as a software engineer shortly after starting Bignoggins in San Jose, California, three years ago and proceeded to develop a series of mobile apps for players in fantasy sports leagues.

Shen will join Yahoo’s mobile engineering team at the company’s Sunnyvale, California, headquarters.

Yahoo is not going to keep distributing Bignoggins apps, but will blend some of the underlying technology into its own services for playing in fantasy sports leagues.

Yahoo’s attempts to strengthen its mobile offerings and recreate its pages have led to a 70% increase in mobile email usage and a 50% increase in Flickr photo uploads from mobile platforms. While Yahoo remains in close ties with Apple, it may be expected to expand to Android and Windows in the not-too-distant future.

Currently, Yahoo has a huge task at hand, which is to bring back its users and make them spend more time on its properties. If successful, Yahoo may reclaim some of its lost market share going forward. This would be crucial in bringing back advertisers as well.

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