The 5 Most Popular Android Mobile Apps in 2013


It’s been almost 5 years since the launch of Android OS, but ever since its popularity has not diminished even a bit. It sure had and still has a huge competition by other mobile OS like iOS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8, Ubuntu, Symbian, etc. but that never backed its creator Google to back down, but in fact it has only added fuel to the fire to develop it more and make it even better than before. Today the Google App Store has over 800,000+ apps which is the highest by miles among all the current available mobile OS stores.

So finding the best among so many apps is quite difficult, so we are going to see 5 most popular apps in the Android mobile app store i.e. Google Play currently in the year 2013.

1. Angry Birds: Undoubtedly the most popular game franchise by Rovio, Angry Birds series is seriously the most popular ever. Every android phone buyer downloads angry birds as the first ever game in his/her phone. It is a really great pastime as well as full on entertainment and also is a great stress reliever when you kill all the pigs.

2. SwiftKey 3 Keyboard: Communication today has totally transformed and IMs is the new fad. So what IMs need the most is simple, fast and accurate typing and SwiftKey is the best available solution right now. With this, you just need to swipe over the keyboard to the required letter and it gets automatically typed where you halt or change direction. It is a paid app, but there is also a free version which can be used for limited period until it expires.

3. SoundHound: It can be called as an extension of Shazam, but actually it is much better than that. It has the same functioning; just here you can bookmark the song for later reference and also check out the lyrics of the song while you listen to it. So all in all it is a great app to have if you are an avid music lover.

4. Whatsapp: The best and the most popular instant messaging app; Whatsapp, termed as the “SMS Killer”, has become so very popular all over the world. It is connected to your cell phone number and so it is unique and almost tamper free allowing you to talk to your near and dear ones quickly and also send media like images, songs, videos, location, contacts, etc. the best part is that this app is that it is light, aesthetic, practical and not at all data intensive. So you can use Whatsapp even if you have a slow internet and also limited data availability.

5. Instagram: The most popular photo sharing app ever made, Instagram is like a necessity in smartphones nowadays. With this app you can share photos from your cell directly to any social network that you are present on like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Apart from that you can also use filters and edit the photo on your cell itself using the various options available in the app.

Thus we saw 5 of the most popular apps in Google play. If you might have noticed, we covered one app from each category ranging from games, social network, news, utility, etc. So if you might not have got the above mentioned apps yet, then get them soon so that you do not miss out on an awesome Android experience.

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Written by Sunil Khale

The author is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has since been an avid technology blogger. Do check out his site, Promocoded to get the latest discount coupons for your online shopping.

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