Six Tools To Market Your New Mobile App

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Technology has evolved and apps are at the forefront of the top things that people use in their daily lives. There are literally millions of apps that are available for people to choose and more are being created every day. Anyone that has a good app idea will also need good tools to make this app stand out. It isn’t enough to simply create an app. This is only the beginning. People must also take the time to use the resources below to market the app.

1. Smore App Flyers / Splash Pages

Mobile App Developers that have never heard of app flyers from Smore are really missing out on a serious marketing tool. These flyers are great because people can set these pages up in a matter of minutes. Once the flyers are created developers can email the links. The flyers are beautiful and informative. There are many different designs to consider. People that use these flash pages will certainly see an increase in business.

2. Sound Stage Demo Recorders

A demonstration can be the best way to make people start believing in your app. This is something that is a valuable because it actually shows people how the app works. It is much easier to support something new when it comes with a demonstration.

Sound Stage is the best tool for this right now. The tools give mobile app developers the ability to create backdrops and screen captures. Developers can also create video demonstrations that can be uploaded to YouTube.

3. Glyder Social Media Marketing

When it comes to advertising it is impossible to overlook social media in any realm of business. It especially important in the area of app advertising. People that use Glyder will have a chance to post images or messages about apps to their social media network profiles. This is extremely helpful for all that want to spread the word about a new mobile app through social media channels.

4. Appy Pie App Creator

Everyone may not have the technical skills to do every painstaking thing that comes with building an app, but this doesn’t mean that these people cannot have an app. Appy Pie is a program that allows people to create apps even if they do not have any real technical skills.

This is important because a major part of marketing hinges on the presentation. No one will believe that the app is worth their time if it doesn’t look profession. The Appy Pie app allows people that do not have an expertise in app development to maintain a professional look.

5. Pixelmator

Another way to make sure that people take notice of your new mobile app is with icons and logos. The Pixelmator app allows developers to create beautiful app images.

6. Screen Shots App Images

It may be surprising, but many people will not download an app unless they can see what it looks like. Many people become engaged in apps because of the borders or background images. App developers have to keep things like this in mind when they are developing apps for a diverse nation of smart phone and tablet PC users.

There are a plethora of different marketing concepts for people to consider. The six tools above are some of the best on the market for app developers.

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