5 Extremely Useful Android Tips and Tricks

Android has evolved to become one of the most popular of Operating Systems for Smartphones. Google has managed to create one of the most profitable and most user friendly pieces of software in recent memory. Android is currently the most used smartphone OS in the world, beating iOS and Windows 8. There are many reasons as to why this OS became so popular but one of the major ones must be because it is extremely simple and user-friendly. In spite of that, there are many ways through which one can make the Android experience better. There are many tips and tricks one can use in Android to make it more productive and enjoyable.


Battery Life

One of the major complaints about smartphones is that the battery life of any given smartphone is worse than any normal phone. There are many reasons for the low battery life but instead of complaining about it, one must remember that there are ways to prolong the charge. Whenever one is not using the Wi-Fi or Internet connection in the phone, one must take care to switch them off. Another common mistake people make is using a 2G SIM in a 3G model and forgetting to turn off the 3G option. If this option is kept enabled, then the phone will keep searching for the unavailable 3G tower and keep wasting valuable battery charge. The same must be done, in case there is no 3G coverage in the area you are in even if you have a 3G SIM. This helps to extend battery life considerably. The HTC mobile price list requires that you pay attention to these aspects or you would be left with an expensive phone that doesn’t last very long!


Widgets are applications, very small ones, which appear in the main Android home screen.  These things tend to utilize the internet connection regularly to function correctly. They however provide some important functions like showing notifications and acting as a shortcut to the main application. These tend to come handy especially if one has a sizeable number of apps through which important updates and information is accessed. One has the ability in Android to manage the widgets completely. You can select which widgets to keep on your home screen and which ones to remove. You can even organize them into categories as Android lets you configure multiple home screens. One should remember that too many widgets can slow down the responsiveness of the phone.


Often the default keyboard provided by Android does not meet our requirements precisely. Android, being the great OS it is allows us to change the keyboard style completely to one that we need. One can achieve this through the variety of apps available in the Google Play Store. These keyboards tend to have many customizable options which can help you get the maximum benefit while typing.


The options available to a person interested in customization in Android are simple staggering. From wallpapers to the ringtones, almost everything can be customized here. There are thousands of apps available to help modify almost every little detail in Android. Background wallpapers, icons, ringtones, notifications sounds and other things can be completely modified to create a truly unique phone.

Integrated Accounts

Any Android phone has a number of connectivity options like GPS, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G etc. with the help of a few tweaks in the settings one can instantly update multiple accounts in various social networks and other sites. One can integrate their Gmail, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc. accounts to their Android phones. Thus when one clicks a photo, it can instantly be uploaded to Facebook and Flickr without even opening the appropriate sites. Integrating Gmail allows you to send e-mails via other softwares which you can specifically select. These accounts can be integrated under the Settings option in Android.


Android as mentioned before is very popular and not without reason. With a few tweaks one can get the utmost out of the smartphone and make it perform tasks like a true smartphone. These tricks in Android are very simple and very easy to do even by a novice.

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Written by Sunil Khale

The author is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has since been an avid technology blogger. Do check out his site, Promocoded to get the latest discount coupons for your online shopping.

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