Can You Resend That Message And Other Email Embarrassments

Whether you call it continuity, consistency, reliability, or performance, the ability to handle every single colleague or client in the same manner is a key to success. Yes, protocol can seem dull, but it is something that almost all successful businesses have mastered. From a formal way of handling a new “lead” to an organized chain of ongoing communication, it is imperative that you have all of those proverbial bases covered. However, this is something easier said than done…unless you use the right tools

Considering Email Security

Something that can help with continuity is the use of a formal email security package. So much more than just spam filtering or archiving support, it is a way to provide yourself with a fail proof method of continuity where communication is concerned. And unless you just now began to learn about business in this era, you are well aware of the fact that every form of important communication has an email component.

So, what is email continuity? Essentially it is a service that is usually rolled into a high quality email security package. It is a backup or emergency method of getting all incoming messages and responding promptly. The reason that emergency methods are necessary can vary from weather keeping employees at home to an entire server going down. These things can make it impossible for people to get the vital messages from clients and colleagues, and to respond quickly enough to maintain their professional image and reputation.

As an example, let’s say it is Friday around 4PM. You get a message from the IT department that one of the email servers has gone down. You know that you and your staff or colleagues are all actively communicating via email and must be able to remain in contact with clients, customers, etc. This server going down effectively cuts communications for the next few days because the weekend is about to occur. What is the answer? Email continuity.

The Remarkable Value of Email Security Packages

This email security option allows everyone to use a web portal that gives access to the email accounts and circumvents the server. It is a technology that works like a filter. It essentially runs every email through its system before sending it into the company’s “local” system. This is already a good layer of continuity because it means that you have a safety net that is gathering emails before they enter the system.

A lot of email security packages will filter all incoming mail for spam or junk, archive everything, and then send it on to the recipients. These steps happen at lightning fast speed and do not cause any delays, plus there is the added benefit that they provide a backup to the times when servers prevent regular email activities from occurring. The email account holders can just go online and use the web  portal to gain immediate access to the mail, respond as needed (and using their actual email identities to prevent any clients or colleagues from missing messages), and remain on top of everything.

Continuity may not seem all that important, but when it becomes technically impossible, it becomes clear that it is a main support for success. You can ensure that one of the most imperative parts of your daily operations – continuity in communication – is ensured when you consider the use of a comprehensive email security system that provides many filters and a lot of safety nets.

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