How Important Is A Mobile-Optimized Site For Your Business?


Mobile Friendly Sites

With internet, the world has undergone almost a makeover. Our lives have changed considerably; information is now available to everyone. What more, this information and its quality can make a huge difference to you if you are a business owner. Example that will be cited here is a pertinent issue today, valid to all big and small entrepreneurs.

Example is the difference between a business website for desktop and mobile. Internet is no longer confined to laptops and desktops. People surf web in their smartphones as well as usual not-so-high-end phones. If your web design is meant for desktop only, you will miss some potential customers there. It is a well-known fact that if you design a website for desktop, it would not be same for the mobile phones too.

Image Size Matters

First of all, large images will take a lot of time to load and open. And once opened, there will be no clarity. If you do not have an unlimited plan, continuous downloading will let you reach the highest limit very soon. A desktop or laptop screen can be 20 inches or sometimes, even more. But a mobile phone screen is barely 4 inches. So, those large images meant for bigger screens will have to shrink themselves to fit into the screen of mobile phones. This will make the texts look even smaller. If you zoom the images in and out all the while, how would you concentrate on the content? Also, it will take a lot of time to get the information.

Now, your potential customers who use phone internet will look for those service providers who have a mobile-optimized website. A study has shown that mobile internet users do not wait for more than five seconds for a site to open and if it does not, they switch to other site. A mobile friendly website will open in no less than 3 seconds. This is certainly not good news for your business. Adobe Digital Marketing Optimization Survey has presented statistics to prove that more transactions are done by mobile internet, rather tablet users as compared to desktop users because they are supposedly the more affluent ones. Here are some more facts presented by the same source to establish how important mobile optimized website for business is.

If your site is mobile optimized or have mobile app, your odds of increasing profitability increases by three times.

If you are ready to invest 25% of your marketing budget in optimizing your website, your conversion rate will be twice in no time.

There are three things that are to be done if you want your site to be mobile optimized- optimize your site for mobile phones, create a mobile application, create the search capability of your site and then test it.

The facts presented here are verifiable. And since small and big entrepreneurs are still to have that awareness, there are companies that design mobile friendly websites. To start with, search for them and look what they offer. There is no harm in giving it a try. You never know, this may herald a new beginning too.

[author ]Michael Linney is fan of ecommerce web design he loves to buy and sell online.[/author]

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