5 Best Chat Sites For This Summer

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Online chat is the process of communicating, via text messages to the people present in a chat room in real time. Chat rooms have become more and more refined over the years, with technological progress. Just a few years back text based chatting were the norm, and then came text and voice used simultaneously.

Before one could pronounce voice and text as the ultimate form of chatting, came along visuals and graphics in 2D and 3D. Using a web cam to chat with strangers has now become the norm.

5 top chat room sites this summer are given below:


This is a brand new chat room where one can meet new friends. When a user uses Omegle, the chat room administrator picks up another user completely at random for a one-on-one chat with one another. Chatting on this site completely anonymous, though if a user wishes he or she can reveal personal details on this chat room. Omegle is positioning its chat room by positioning the principle of anonymity to create an exciting atmosphere.


Zinzzchat encourages users to create their own chat rooms. The by pasting a simple link the user can invite his friends to join him in his own exclusive chat room. This is very popular among the teens who wish to chat with their friends on a regular basis to share information and the latest gadgets.


This chat room allows a user to watch videos, meet new people and keep up with old friends. One can check up celebrities who visit this chat room. This chat room allows its members numbering millions to watch hundreds of clips, movies and TV shows. Paltalk also provides a free video link which can be used to speak to 10 friends simultaneously.


This chat room offers access to partners and people around the globe online, by using filters like interest areas, age, gender and location. One can hook up to a perfect stranger from the other side of the world and communicate on interesting topics.


ebuddy is the online messanger for MSN, Yahoo and AOL or AIM. Irrespective of whether one is at home, school, workplace or travelling; with the eBuddy service one can chat anyplace any time. This service is available on the laptop, tablet or mobile. eBuddy enables instant messaging on any and every computer.

eBuddy ensures that there is no need for downloads, no need for installations of software or upgrades and no registration! The best feature of this site is that it is free!


The evolution of the chat room from a place to share messages, with multiple users has evolved to sharing mind boggling items such as games, videos, pics and clips with one another. Specialized chat rooms are the in thing this year with users logging onto chat rooms through strict invitation.

This trend has serious implications, with regard to moderation & privacy. The moderator’s role in a chat room has diminished considerably, with the advent of Skype and other internet technologies.

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