5 Awesome Email Marketing AppsThat No Entrepreneur Or Small Business Should Be Without

Email marketing is definitely the way to advertise your business and educate your customers in the 21st century. Once you have collected contact details from a potential customer you pretty much have their undivided attention for your email campaigns. Your emails may include links to products and services that you offer, advice and tips about your particular industry, and it’s also a great way to keep in contact with your customers and prove that you are an authority in your line of work. However, there are a number of additional tools that could make your email marketing campaigns far more successful.


This app is specifically aimed at those of you who use RSS (really simple syndication). It allows you the ability to convert RSS to email and you only have to pay for the email part of this. This is a great way to share more information with your bog readers and the prices start from as little as $1.49. It is also important to remember that you don’t have to pay any extra for your RSS readers.



One of the best tools on offer at Contactology is their spam checker, which will check the quality of your emails. Unfortunately, you may never know if your emails are ending up in your customer’s inboxes, depending on which email marketing service you use. However, Contactology offer a spam test which solves this problem. You can use the spam checker for free for up to 100 contacts, and then plans start from $14 per month.



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This is an email marketing service where you can use a “pay as you go” methodology. Rather than paying for a full subscription you simply pay for the emails you have sent. This is ideal for those of you who only send out a few emails every year. You have a 60-day trial period where you can send up to 100 emails or have up to 150 contacts. Thereafter, plans start from $25 per month. You also have the ability to integrate SMS text messages and social media into your email marketing campaigns.


Atomic Mail Sender

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This is a standalone package that uses an extremely innovative approach to email marketing. The company claims that they have a built-in SMTP server, which allows them to deliver emails to their recipients without ever using your mail server or ISP’s mailbox. Therefore, you simply need to make a one-off purchase and then you have the ability to manage your own email campaigns. For this you will require the Email Studio which costs $299 and the Sender which costs $79.85.



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One of the biggest frustrations in email marketing is that many firewalls will block emails that have videos attached or embedded. However, through BombBomb you have the ability to send videos with any or all of your emails. Video is definitely a great way to get your message across and consumers typically respond to them far better than text emails. You can try the service out through the test email option, and then prices start from $20 per month, although you will still receive a free two week trial once you sign up.


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