Nokia ‘confirms’ Lumia phone with 41MP camera

Everyone was expecting Nokia to unveil EOS, their so-called Lumia PureView 41-mega pixel camera phone on July 11 in New York City. Experts say the Lumia EOS and the 808 PureView phone that Nokia previously released are sharing the same camera technology.

In a blog post, the company has put up a teaser that says there will be “41 million reasons” to attend the July 11 event. “41 million” is a clear hint towards the 41MP camera, as it is the same number of pixels in the sensor of the upcoming Lumia phon

The images that have so far leaked on the internet suggest a body similar to Lumia 920’s made of polycarbonate and a huge camera sensor hump on the back. This camera is said to run on Windows Phone 8 operating system, have speaker grilles at the bottom, support wireless charging via a strap-on supported covers and come in red, white, yellow and black colours.

The phone might also sport a 4.5-inch AMOLED display with 720p HD resolution, 32GB of internal memory with no expandable slot, and long battery life. It will also arrive with updated camera user interface (UI) – Nokia ProCamera.

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